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Socialist Indian wins Bolivian Presidential Election  
Virginian AIDS worker murdered in Guyana  
Chilean Elections have former Pinochet prisoner as apparent victor  
Colombia negotiates with insurgency  
Leftist parties in Venezuela win majority after boycott  
Peru sues Yale to return Machu Picchu artifacts  
Liberal Party wins Honduran Election  
Mexican “Cristero” martyrs beatified by Vatican  
Mexico and Venezuela have diplomatic crisis  
Fujimori returns to South America  
Free trade plans defeated by five nation bloc  
Antiguan Senate President’s rape in home invasion creates partisan divide  
Mass cartel sting in Colombia catches Drug Kingpin  
Largest hurricane ever poised to strike Central America, Mexico  
Argentina Prison revolt claims 32 lives  
Haitian Elections postponed  
El Salvador shelters hurricane, volcano refugees  
Calderon achieves victory in Mexico Primary over Fox aide  
Peru rocked by 7.5 Earthquake  
Guyana spiritualist found guilty in exorcism-related death  
Bahamas face tropical storm  
Colombian Ex-President Turbay Dies at 89  
Bombs explode in Trinidad  
Mexico upholds lifetime prison terms  
Venezuela to provide cheap heat and free eye operations for US poor  
Cuba signs $17 M agricultural trade deal with Nebraska  
Martinique plane crashes in Venezuela  
US Court repeals Cuban "spy" conviction  
Former Brazilian dictatorship sought to build atomic weapons  
"Coordinator" appointed for U.S. overthrow of Cuban Revolution  
Peru farmers plan attack on foreign copper works  
Brazilians demonstrate anger over bystander killed in London  
Former Guatemalan President wanted by police  
Suriname dictator pulls out of presidential elections  
Fire engulfs unsafe Costa Rican hospital  
Former Honduran Vice-President Dies  
U.S. Ambassador to Haiti makes vague threats  
Colombian Navy arrests sailors for drug smuggling  
Honduras, El Salvador Flooding Kill 39  
Trinidad oil tanker mysteriously explodes  
Zapatistas place army on alert for first time in years  
Mexico allows genocide charge against Ex-President  
United Nations sends envoy to crisis-racked Bolivia  
Chilean Dictator Pinochet loses immunity in fraud case  
"Volcano of Fire" erupts in Mexico  
Fox’s Minister retires to run for President  
Protestants show might in Catholic Brazil  
Blizzard tragedy may end compulsory military in Chile  
El Salvador hit by scientific oddity hurricane  
Venezuela demands extradition of terrorist  
Presidents of Paraguay and Uruguay meet  
Arab-Latin Summit held in Brasilia  
Nicaraguan President stoned for bus fare hike  
Popular Mexico City Mayor returns to job in defiance of Fox  
Aristide refuses to run for Haitian Presidency  
Paraguay rejects protection plan for untouched tribe  
Study: Puerto Ricans happiest people in the world  
Ancient Salt mine discovered in Belize  
Fidel Castro sends condolences to Vatican  
Amnesty International Condemns Brazil for Indian Abuse  
Bolivian Socialist Party Celebrates 10th Anniversary  
Intellectuals, Artists Push U.N. to support Cuba  
Wal-Mart to be built at Teotihuacan Pyramids  
Bolivian President’s Resignation Rejected  
Archeologists Discover Maya Ruins in Honduras  
Bolivian President Offers His Resignation  
Guatemalans Protest Free Trade Agreement  
Uruguay’s First Leftist Leader Takes Office  
Air Jamaica Requesting Government Write-Off of $24.7B  
Soviet-Era Nicaraguan Shoulder Rockets to be Banned  
Anti-Crime Candidate Wins Honduras Primary  
Andean Mayor Attempts Suicide in Courtroom  
Severe Flooding and Avalanches hit South America  
Many Missing and Feared Dead as Floods Strike Venezuela and Colombia  
Leptospirosis Becomes Major Concern in Guyana  
Peruvian Mafiosos Create Prison Riot  
Leftists Win Governorship of Acapulco  
DR Tries Army Captain Drug Trafficker  
Cuba ends "Cocktail War" with EU  
Captured Colombian Rebel Hints at Conspiracy  
Guyana Receives International Aid for Flooding  
St. Vincent PM Visits Cuban Ministers in Havana  
Haitian chief of staff shot in carjacking  
Anti-Corruption Colombian Journalist Assassinated  
Peru Interior Minister Resigns After Investigation on Army Seige  

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