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Bush's Initiative for a New Cuba Draws Cheers and Jeers  
Colombian Civilians Continue to Be Caught in the Crossfire  
U.S. Accuses Cuba of Bioterrorism Research  
Argentina Courts IMF through New Economic Plan  
Dust Settles Uneasily After Venezuelan Coup  
General Strike Called in Venezuela to Support Oil Executives  
U.S. Resumes Bombing Exercises on Vieques Island  
Drug Lord Captured in Mexico  
Argentina - Economic Crisis Update  
Colombian Peace Talks End, Conflict Escalates  
Venezuelan Military Calls for Resignation of Chávez  
U.S. Refuses Release of Funds Until Haiti Resolves Political Crisis  
Costa Rican Elections Lead to April Run-off  
Ninety-four Aboard Ecuadorian Plane Crash in Colombia  
Guantánomo Base in Cuba Receives Afghan Prisoners  
Colombian Peace Talks Resume at Eleventh Hour  
Three-Year Colombia Peace Process Ends  

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