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President Evo Morales pays tribute to Che Guevara  
Chavez opens Venezuelan film studio to counter Hollywood  
Chavez volleys to cut oil production at OPEC meeting  
Uribe wins Colombia election despite low turnout  
Jacques Preval nominates Prime Minister  
Commandante Marcos calls Mexican presidential candidates ‘sell-outs’  
Puerto Rico appoints think-tank to solve budget crisis  
U.S. Naval Maneuvers and Venezuela’s to “coincide”  
Peru Volcano eruption triggers evacuation  
Nicaragua claims Venezuela funds the Sandinistas  
Retired cops arrested for cocaine smuggling in airline  
Venezuela conflicts with Exxon  
Mexican leftist candidate ranks high in Ecatepec preliminaries  
Ruling party wins Salvadorean elections  
Arias declared winner of Costa Rican election  
Mexican miners strike after fatal cave-in  
Jamaicans elect first female party leader  
Venezuela receives Russian military helicopters  
Evo Morales finds common ground with the U.S.  
Guatemalan drug lords back political candidates  
Accusations of fraud in Haitian elections  
Costa Rican election is closest in history  
Voting beset by problems in Haiti  
Chile receives first part of military upgrade  
Anti-War, Anti-Imperialist Forum held in Caracas  
Bolivia inaugurates first Indian President  
Head of Bolivian army fired over missile disposal  
Port-au-Prince paralyzed by pressure strikes over kidnappings  
Bolivia Aligns Itself with Latin American Left  

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