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Peru: Guide to Resources

For research papers, reports, or reviews requiring critical examination of people, historical events, or themes on Peru consult the following:

  1. Reference Materials
  2. Government Documents
  3. Microforms
  4. Books
  5. Electronic Databases
  6. Internet Resources

I. Reference Materials (all shelved on the 2nd floor, in the Reference Department).
Use these sources for a general overview of people and/or events in Peru.

Anuario bibliográfico peruano. UP REF (On order)
Published annually between 1943 and 1983. Lists published Peruvian literature and periodicals.

Bibliografía de tesis peruanas sobre indigenismo y ciencias sociales. 2 Vols. UP REF Z1209.2.P4 M86 1983
Over 700 pages of Peruvian scholarly theses and dissertations on South American indigenous groups, Peruvian social conditions, and the social sciences.

Compendio histórico del Perú. Vol. 7. UP REF F3431.C66 1998
Vol. 7 covers Peruvian economic history and republican politics during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Diccionario enciclopédico del Perú, ilustrado. Vols. 1-3. UP REF F3404.D5
Richly illustrated volumes provide concise explanations of Peruvian terms, people, places, and culture.

Diccionario histórico biográfico: Peruanos ilustres. UP REF CT732.E77 1987
Over 500 pages of biographical and historical profiles of prominent Peruvians from different historical periods.

Diccionario histórico y biográfico del Perú, siglos XV-XX. Vols. 1-9. UP REF F3405.D53 1986
Provides concise biographical data on Peruvian historical figures from pre-Columbian times to the 20th century and includes a bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture. Vols. 1-5. UP REF & BBAY F1406 .E53 1996
Over 5,000 entries on Latin American history and culture from pre-Columbian times to the 20th century.

Fuentes para el estudio del Perú: Bibliografía de bibliografías. UP REF Z1851.A1 L67
Bibliography of published bibliographies on Peruvian documents and sources.

Historical Dictionary of Peru . BBAY REF F3404.A39
Provides definitions of major historical events, peoples, and themes on Peru. Arranged alphabetically and includes a basic bibliography.

Peru: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture. UP REF F3409.5.H641 1998
Covers Peruvian history, government, and social and economic conditions. Useful guidebook for tourists. Includes a basic bibliography.

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II. Government Documents
(all shelved on the 2nd floor, in the Government Documents Department).
General information on countries and international organizations (including the OAS and UN). Statistical facts and short overviews on history, economy, politics, travel and business information.

International Population Census Publications. Peru. 1876, 1920-40, 1961, 1972, 1981. UP MICRO HA1065.I5
Peruvian national censuses and population data.

Peru, a Country Study. Full text, on-line through the Library of Congress at Back issues in UP GOV DOCS & BBAY D101.22:550-42/993
Presents descriptions and analyses of the historical setting and the social, political, and national security systems and institutions of Peru.

Perú, proyecciones de la población por sexo y grupos quinquenales de edades, período 1960-2000. UP UN DOCS HA755.U53 no.115
Demographic analysis of Peru's population and population forecast by age and gender.

Peru-Ecuador: Area Boundary Dispute. UP GOV DOCS PrEx 3.10/4:P 43/4
Map showing disputed boundaries between both states. Scale ca. 1:1,750,000 (W 7930'--W 7700'/S 230'--S 530').

Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Peru. UP OAS DOCS JC599.P4 I5413 1993
OAS study of human and civil rights in Peru after the return of democratic rule in the 1980s.

Territorial Disputes and their Resolution: the Case of Ecuador and Peru. UP GOV DOCS & BBAY GOV DOCS Y3.P31:19/NO.27
U. S. Institute for Peace study of the 1995 border dispute between Peru and Ecuador and its aftermath. Includes bibliographical references providing historical background.

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III. Microforms

Latin American Pamphlets from the Yale University Library: Selections from 1600-1900. Mexico, Peru, Miscellaneous. UP MICRO F1408.Y18 1985
Primary historical documents and pamphlets from Latin America from colonial to modern times

Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection. Church and Religion in Peru. 2 microfilm reels. UP MICRO BX1484.2.P75 1988
Pamphlets and historical documents on the Catholic Church in Peru and religion in the 20th century.

Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection. Government in Peru . 3 microfilm reels. UP MICRO TEMP CONTROL # AES9481
Reel 1 contains Peruvian government accounting records, 1908-1917. Reels 2-3 include publications of the Peruvian Tribunal Mayor de Cuentas, 1891-1926.

Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection. Human and Civil Rights in Peru. 1 microfilm reel. UP MICRO TEMP CONTROL # AES9479
Historical sources on human and civil rights in Peru after 1980.

Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection. Politics in Peru. 16 microfilm reels. UP MICRO TEMP CONTROL # AES9480
Reels 1-2 have Peruvian political party documents. Reel 3 contain APRA literature, 1978-1986. Reel 4 has the speeches of Alan Gacía Perez (Partido Popular Cristiano. Patria Roja). Reels 5-9 include El diario (Lima Peru), and reels 10-15 Resumen semanal (Lima, Peru). Reel 16 reproduces "La formulación de los planes de desarrollo."

Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection. Socioeconomic Conditions in Peru . 8 microfilm reels. UP MICRO TEMP CONTROL # AES9482
Reel 1: Economic development and conditions in Peru. Reel 2: Economic development and conditions in Peru, II . Reels 3-4: Peruvian economic and social conditions, 1975-1988. Reel 5: Peruvian labor literature, 1978-1986. Reels 6-7: Peruvian economic and social conditions, 1937-1991, II. Reel 8: Peruvian economic development, 1900-1929 ; Peruvian financial conditions, 1829-1930; Peruvian banks and banking, 1866-1931 ; Peruvian taxes and financial regulations, 1892-1930.

Guide to Latin American Pamphlets from the Yale University Library: Selections from 1600-1900. 7 vols. UP REF F1408.Y182 1988
Vol. 1: Mexico, subject guide (A-M). Vol. 2: Mexico, subject guide (N-Z). Vol. 3: Mexico, author/title guide. Vol. 4: Mexico, chronological guide. Vol. 5: Peru, subject guide. Vol. 6: Peru, author/title & chronological guide. Vol. 7: Miscellaneous guide.

Guide to the Princeton University Latin American Microfilm Collection. UP REF Z1610 .G85 1993
59 page guide catalogs the entire Princeton University Latin American Microfilm Collection.

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IV. Books
To find books related to Peru:

  • Do a subject search on Peru and use the guide to find subheadings related to economics, history, politics, etc.
  • Try an advanced search using keywords such as PERU and HISTORY. Use ? to truncate and adj to join terms. E.g., PERU and POLITIC? adj HISTORY for titles on Peruvian political history.
  • Browse call numbers beginning with the letter F to find books and other materials on Latin American history. For Peru, browse F2201-2239 for South America (General) and F3401-3619 specifically for Peru.


Belaúnde, Víctor A. Peruanidad. UP GEN COLL F3410.B44 1983
Classic study of Peruvian history, culture, and national identity. Includes bibliography and indexes.

Brush, Stephen B. Mountain, Field, and Family: the Economy and Human Ecology of an Andean Valley. UP & BBAY GEN COLL HC227.B79
Ethnographic study of indigenous groups and peasants in Peru and their social and economic conditions after 1968. Provides subject index and references.

Lumbreras, Luis G. De los pueblos, las culturas y las artes del antiguo Perú. UP & BBAY CEN COLL F3429.L8813
Study of Peruvian antiquities of ancient Peru, with basic bibliography.

MacCormack, Sabine. Religion in the Andes: Vision and Imagination in early Colonial Peru. UP GEN COLL F3429.3R3M28 1991
Sophisticated study combining anthropology, ethnography, and history to explore Peruvian religious imagination and experiences during the 16th and 17th centuries. Includes glossary, select bibliography, and index.

Mariátegui, José Carlos. Seven Interpretive Essays on Peruvian Reality. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3408.M3313
Seminal essays by leading Peruvian Marxist intellectual on Peru's history, culture, society, and political conditions.


Fitzgerald, E. V. K. The Political Economy of Peru, 1956-78: Economic Development and the Restructuring of Capital. UP GEN COLL HC227.F5 1979.
Traces Peru's political and economic situations and capital formation between 1918 and 1978, concentrating on the period between 1956 and 1968. Includes index and bibliography.

Gootenberg, Paul E. Between Silver and Guano: Commercial Policy and the State in Postindependence Peru. UP GEN COLL HF1525.G66 1989
First-rate economic history of Peru in the national period (1829-1919), including discussions of economic policies and politics and government. Provides indexes and bibliography.

Klein, Herbert S. The American Finances of the Spanish Empire: Royal Income and Expenditures in Colonial Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia. UP & BBAY GEN COLL HJ2466.K54 1998.
Economic history of Spanish colonial economy in Mexico and the Andes explores issues of taxation, finances, and commerce between the 17th and 19th centuries. Includes maps, tables, bibliography, and index.

Sheahan, John. Searching for a Better Society: the Peruvian Economy from 1950. UP GEN COLL HC227.S435 1999
Survey of Peruvian economics between 1918 and the present, emphasizing the period after 1968. Provides bibliography and index.

Thorp, Rosemary and Bertram, Geoffrey. Peru, 1890-1977: Growth and Policy in an Open Economy. UP & BBAY GEN COLL HC227.T485 1978
Examines Peru's liberal economic policies and conditions in the 20th century. Includes bibliography and index.

Ugarte, César A. Bosquejo de la historia económica del Perú. UP GEN COLL HC227.U4 1977
Study of Peruvian finances and general economic conditions, focusing on the 20th century. Includes bibliography


Adorno, Rolena. Guaman Poma: Writing and Resistance in Colonial Peru. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3430.6.G8A63 1986
Examines the writings of the Peruvian native writer Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala on colonial Peru and its relationship to historiography. Includes bibliography and index.

Bauer, Brian S. The Development of the Inca State. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3429.1.C9B38 1992
Covers Inca politics and government and social and economic conditions, concentrating on Cuzco. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Cieza de León, Pedro. The Incas. UP & BAY GEN COLL F3442.C5826
First-hand account of the conquest of the Inca empire by a Spanish soldier. Covers Spanish presence and governance in Peru until 1548.

Flores Galindo, Alberto. Buscando un Inca. UP GEN COLL F3429.3.E84F56 1986
Ideological essay by distinguished Peruvian scholar treats Peruvian politics and society from the time of the Inca on. Includes discussions of Peruvian nationalism, utopian thought, and Indian civilization

Guaman Poma de Ayala, Felipe. Letter to a King. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3429.P7813 1978.
Fine translation of a Peruvian classic. Guaman Poma relates in his extensive letter Peruvian history, politics, culture, and society before and after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

Hemming, John. The Conquest of the Incas. BBAY GEN COLL F3442.H47 1970.
History of the conquest of the Inca empire by Pizarro. Includes background information on the Inca empire and Spanish administration from 1522 to 1548. Provides bibliographic references.

Lockhart, James M. The Men of Cajamarca: a Social and Biographical Study of the First Conquerors of Peru. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3442.L77 1972.
Collective biography by a leading historian of Peru on the men who conquered the Inca between 1522 and 1548. Includes bibliographic references

Means, Philip A. Fall of the Inca Empire and the Spanish Rule in Peru, 1530-1780. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3444.M43 1964.
Narrative history of the fall of the Inca state and subsequent Spanish rule from the 16th to early 19th centuries.

Prescott, William H. History of the Conquest of Mexico, and History of the Conquest of Peru. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F1230.P969 1936.
Classic description of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec and Inca empires in the 16th century.

Stern, Steve. Peru's Indian Peoples and the Challenge of Spanish Conquest : Huamanga to 1640. UP GEN COLL F3429.1.A9 S75 1993
Sophisticated social and ethnographic history of natives from Huamanga, in the Department of Ayacucho, and their resistance of Spanish rule in the middle of the 16th century. Includes bibliography and index.

Thurner, Mark. From Two Republics to One Divided: Contradictions of Postcolonial Nationmaking in Andean Peru. UP GEN COLL F3429.1.A45T58 1997
Examines the contradictions of and problems with nation-building in 19th century Peru. Uses anthropological and historical methodologies and sources. Includes bibliographic references and index.

De la Vega, Garcilaso. El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega: Antología. BBAY GEN COLL F3429.V387253 1945
Compilation of classic writings on the Inca and Spanish society during the 16th century by mestizo Peruvian.

(Political Science)

Haya de la Torre, Víctor. Cartas de Haya de la Torre a los prisioneros apristas. UP & BBAY GEN COLL F3447.H34
Compilation and commentary on letters written by the founder of the Partido Aprista Peruano to Peruvian political prisoners in the 1940s.

Kuczynski, Pedro-Pablo. Peruvian Democracy under Economic Stress: an Account of the Belaúnde Administration, 1963-1968. UP & BBAY GEN COLL HC227.K83 1977.
Study of Peruvian politics and government in the 1960s during the regime of Fernando Belaúnde Terry. Includes bibliography and index.

Lowenthal, Abraham F. The Peruvian Experiment: Continuity and Change under Military Rule. UP &BBAY GEN COLL HC227.P42 1975.
Examines Peru's difficult political, social, and economic conditions during the military dictatorship in the 1970s. Provides bibliographic references and indexes

Mauceri, Philip. , State Under Siege: Development and Policy Making in Peru. UP & BBAY GEN COLL JL3431.M38 1996
Explores Peruvian social, political, and economic planning during the 20th century. Includes bibliography and index.

McClintock, Cynthia. Peasant Cooperatives and Political Change in Peru. UP & BBAY GEN COLL HD1491.P4M33 1981.
Study of Peruvian politics and government from 1968 to 1980 and the Peruvian state's relations with rural agricultural cooperatives, exploring peasant participation in the economy and rural conditions. Provides bibliographic references and index.

Slater, David. Territory and State Power in Latin America: the Peruvian Case. UP & BBAY GEN COLL HC227.S55 1989.
Case studies of Peruvian political economy and development in the first half of the 20th century. Includes bibliography and index.

Stein, Steve. Populism in Peru: the Emergence of the Masses and the Politics of Social Control. UP & BBAY F3448.S73 1980.
Fine study of mass and working-class politics in 20th century Peru, including the rise of the Partido Aprista Peruano, Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, and Luis M. Sánchez Cerro. Provides bibliographic references and indexes.

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V. Electronic Databases

 via First Search

Indexes 2000+ international scholarly journals, government and other publications on current events in the political and social sciences.


HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)

Indexes publications on all aspects of Latin American studies.


HLAS (Handbook of Latin American Studies)
 via Library of Congress
 via RLG/Eureka

Indexes 400+ scholarly journals on US-Hispanic and Latin American topics.


Historical Abstracts
via ABC-Clio

Indexes 2000+ scholarly journals in history from 1450 to the present. (Excludes the United States and Canada.)


Humanities Abstracts
via FirstSearch

Indexes scholarly journals and other publications on health and nutrition.


Social Science Abstracts
via FirstSearch

Indexes 350+ international scholarly journals and popular magazines in the social sciences.


via FirstSearch

Indexes 250+ publications in sociology and related disciplines.


Sociological Abstracts
via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

Indexes 2600+ publications in sociology and related disciplines.


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VI. Internet Resources

Abya Yala Net Project of the South and Meso-American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) in collaboration with Native Web. Presents information on indigenous peoples in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. It can be searched by geographic regions, nations, or peoples. Also provides links to organizations concerned with indigenous issues.

Background Notes. PeruPublished by the U. S. State Department. Provides information and background on the country's social, political, and economic conditions.

CIA World Fact Book  Provides country profiles, statistical data, maps, and other information on all countries of the Americas, including Peru.

FIU Latin American and Caribbean Center Website for Florida International University's Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC). Includes information on affiliated faculty, degree programs and certificates in Latin American studies, and lectures and other programs of interest to Latin Americanists.

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