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Latin American Literature: Guide to Resources

For research papers requiring critical examination of the works of an author, a literary theme or Latin American literature in general. This list is in no way comprehensive, but should serve as a starting point for those doing research.

  1. Reference Materials
  2. FIU Library Catalog
  3. Electronic Databases and Print Indexes
  4. Internet Resources
I. Reference Materials (all shelved on the 2nd floor in the Reference Department).
Use these materials for a general overview of an author or a theme.

Cambridge history of Latin American literature / 3 vols. Excellent history of Latin American literature from the colonial period to the present. V. 1. Discovery to modernism --v. 2. The twentieth century --v. 3. Brazilian literature. Arranged by themes/subjects with excellent bibliographies. REF PQ7081 .A1 C35 1996

Caribbean writers: a bio-bibliographical-critical encyclopedia / Biographical info on 2000+ writers and citations for over 15,000 works. Introductory essays for each major section describe socio-linguistic history of area and people. REF PN849.C3 C3

Diccionario de la literatura latinoamericana / 6 vols. t. 1 Bolivia -- t. 2 Chile --t. 3 Colombia -- t. 4 Argentina --t. 5 Ecuador --t. 6 América Central. Although dated (1959), good for biographical information and criticism on lesser-known authors, essayists and poets. REF PQ7106 .D52 1988

Hispanic literature criticism / 2 vols. covering 71 major writers of the past 100 years. Extensive biographical and critical information, including portrait of author and a further reading list. Arranged by author. REF PQ7081.A1 H573 1994

Hispanic writers. / 2 eds. Biographical and bibliographical information on approximately 550 twentieth-century Hispanic authors. 2nd ed. includes a cumulative index. REF PQ7081.3 .H58

Latin American writers / 3 vols. With over 100 authors from conquest to the present. Biographies, literary criticism. Excellent introductory essay of Latin American literature with chronology. REF PQ7081A1 L37 1989

Modern Latin American literature / 2 vols. Compilation of international critical commentary on 137 twentieth-century writers. Serves as an excellent selective, annotated bibliography to critical sources. Although published in 1975, still considered one of the classics. REF PQ7081 F63 1975

Twentieth-century Caribbean and Black Writers. / 3 vols. in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series. Extensive biographies of notable Anglophone Caribbean writers, tracing the developments of the authors’ careers. REF PN451.D5 v.117, v.125, v.157

    Other reference titles (located on the 2nd floor in the Reference Dept.)

Bibliografía de la literatura ecuatoriana / REF PQ8201 .W45 1989
Bibliografía del teatro colombiano / REF PQ8171 .O74
Bibliografía femenina de Colombia, 1800-2002 : guia de monografias/ REF PQ8162 .B53 2002
Bibliography of Latin American theater criticism: 1940-1974 / REF Z1609.D7 L9
Caribbean literature: a bibliography / REF PN849.C3 G67 1998
Chilean literature: a working bibliography of secondary sources / REF Z1711 .F67
Chilean novel: a critical study of secondary sources and a bibliography / REF PQ7997 .R66 1995
Contemporary authors / REF PN451 .C6
Contemporary literary criticism / REF PN80 .C6
Dicionário da literatura portuguêsa e brasileira / REF PQ9006 .L8 1969
Diccionario de autores iberoamericanos / REF PQ7081.3 D5 1982
Diccionario de escritores colombianos / REF Z1740 .S26
Diccionario de escritores hondureños / REF PQ7500 .A64 1986
Diccionario de escritores mexicanos, siglo XX : desde las generaciones del Ateneo y novelistas de la Revolución hasta nuestros dias / (vol.1 A-CH available) REF PQ7106 .D52 1988
Diccionario de escritores uruguayos / REF PQ8511 .R45 1986
Diccionario de la literatura cubana / 2 vols. REF PQ7371 .D5
Diccionario de la literatura puertoriqueña / 2 vols. REF PQ7421 .R48 1970
Diccionario de literatura uruguaya / 2 vols. REF PQ8510.A52 D53 1987
Diccionario general de la literatura venezolana / REF PQ8531 .D54 1987
Diccionario manual de literatura peruana y materias afines / REF PQ8306 .R6
Dictionary of contemporary Latin American authors / REF PQ7081.3 .F6
Dictionary of literary biography / REF PN451 .D5
Dictionary of Mexican literature / REF PQ7106 .D53 1992
Dictionary of Twentieth Century Cuban literature / REF PQ7378 .D53 1990
Enciclopedia de la literatura argentina / REF PQ7606 .O7
Indice de escritores latinoamericanos / REF PPQ7081.3 .R85 2002
Índice informativo de la novela hispanoamericana / (vols. 1-3, 5 available: t. 1. Las Antillas. --t. 2. Centro América. --t. 3. Venezuela.--t. 5. El Altiplano) REF Z1609.F4 C65
Jewish writers of Latin America: a dictionary / REF PQ7081.3 .L63 1997
Latin American short story: an annotated guide to anthologies and criticism / REF PQ7082 S5 B34 1992
Quién es quién en la poesía colombiana / REF PQ8170 .E34 1998
Sense of place : Rudolfo A. Anaya : an annotated bio- bibliography / REF PS3551 .N27 G66 2000
Spanish-American Women Writers: a biographical research checklist / REF PQ7081 .C67
Spanish American Women Writers: a bio-bibliographical source book / REF PQ7081 .S62 1990
Vanguardism in Latin American literature: an annotated bibliographical guide / Merlin H. Forster. REF PQ7081 .F62 1990
West Indian literature: an index to criticism, 1930-1975 / Jeannette B. Allis. REF Z1502 .B5 A38

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II. FIU Library Catalog - To find books and other materials (i.e. audiovisuals) related to your topic.

  • To find literary criticism on a specific author, do a subject search using the author’s name (last name first). If there are few results, try a keyword search.
  • To find information about Latin American literature in general, do a subject search using the following terms: caribbean literature, latin american fiction, latin american literature, spanish american literature and chose an appropriate subheading. Narrow/refine your search by adding additional keywords.
  • To find information about a particular genre or literature of a particular country, try both keyword and subject searches using your terms. (i.e. chilean literature [subject search]; chile and literature [keyword search]; magic realism)
  • Browsing Areas: Many of the materials will be in the PN - PS areas in the library, both in the Reference Collection and the General Collection. Many bibliographies (compiled lists of sources, related to a particular theme) of Latin American literature will be in the Z1607 - Z1609 areas, in both the Reference Collection and the General Collection.
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III. Electronic Databases

  • Consult electronic databases and/or print indexes and abstracts listed below (available through Library Home Page under both Articles and Subject buttons). This list is not comprehensive, feel free to consult any other database related to your topic.
  • Refer to the FIU Library Catalog to determine whether FIU owns the journals and the volume/issue in which your chosen articles are published.

MLA Bibliography

Comprehensive index to scholarly articles, dissertations, books and book chapters relating to literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore.


Humanities Abstracts

Indexes and abstracts 400+ scholarly journals and popular magazines in the humanities, including world literature.


Literature Resource Center

Full-text biographies of selected authors and critical analysis of their works.


Wilson Select

100% full-text articles from 400+ multidisciplinary scholarly and trade journals and popular magazines.


Academic Index

Indexes articles in scholarly journals and popular magazines. Multidisciplinary. Approx. 25% full-text articles. Includes abstracts.


HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)

Indexes 400+ scholarly journals on US-Hispanic and Latin American topics.


HLAS (Handbook of Latin American Studies)
 via Library of Congress
 via RLG/Eureka

Indexes publications on all aspects of Latin American studies.


* Earlier coverage available in print indexes/abstracts in Reference Department. Check the FIU Libraries Catalog.

(Table of contents)

IV. Internet Resources

LANIC - Latin American Network Information Center's Literature Page - Excellent source of Internet links organized by region, country and journals & magazines. Includes newsgroups and mailing lists.

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