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Haiti: Guide to Resources


For research papers, reports, or reviews requiring critical examination of people, historical events, or themes on Haiti consult the following:

  1. Reference Materials
  2. Government Documents
  3. Serials
  4. FIU Library Catalog
  5. Electronic Databases
  6. Internet Resources

I. Reference Materials (all shelved on the 2nd floor, in the Reference Department).
Use these sources for a general overview of people, events and literature in Haiti.

An annotated bibliography on Haitian Creole : a review of publications from colonial times to 2000 / Védrine, Emmanuel W. This bibliography is an important resource for the study of Haitian Creole, incorporating linguistics, grammar, history, novels, literacy, and many more subject areas. Sources are documented in Kreyol, French and English. PM7854.H3 V45 2004

Bibliographie generale et methodique d'Haiti / 2 vols. Volume 1 covers maritime sciences, physical geography, climate, and weather, natural sciences, and history from the 16th to early 19th century. Volume 2 covers law and politics, religion, medicine, economics, and literature. Both volumes arranged alphabetically by author and/or title. UP REF Z1531.D88 1941

The Complete Haitiana: A Bibliographic Guide to the Scholarly Literature, 1900-1980 / 2 Vols. Volume 1 covers bibliographic, archival, and other research tools, and ecology. History from pre-Columbian times to 1980, population and demographics, and culture. Volume 2 covers society, medicine, education, politics and law, economics, and development. Both volumes arranged alphabetically by author and/or title. UP REF Z1531.L33 1982.

Country Profile. Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico / Presents descriptions and analyses of Haiti and the Dominican Republic's history, society, politics, economics, and culture. Also available full-text and online via the Economist Intelligence Unit. BBAY and UP REF HC151.5.A1C6 1986-2000.

Dominican Republic and Haiti / Guidebooks for the Dominican Republic and Haiti provide basic information on history geography, society, politics, economics, and culture in both countries. BBAY REF F1934.5.D64 1999.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture / 5 vols. Includes substantive descriptions of prominent figures, movements, and themes in Latin American history and culture from prior to the arrival of Europeans to the late 1990s. Provides biographies by category in the form of an appendix and has a general index. BBAY and UPREF F1406.E53 1996.

Haiti, a Basic Reference Book: General Information on Haiti / Handbook on Haiti with general information about the country. Designed for non-specialists and general readers. BBAY REF F1919.5.H33 1994.

Haiti: Guide to the Periodical Literature in English, 1800-1990 / Essential reference tool for academic researchers. Organized first by general subjects (physical setting, human element, cultural environment, economic factor, geopolitical influence, historical background, description and commentaries, bibliographies, and philately) and then by subheadings (e.g., geology, population, literature, finance, international relations, Revolutionary Period). Includes addenda and author and magazine indexes. UP REF F1915.H34 1991.

Haïtiana 1991-1995 : bibliographie haïtienne / UP REF Z1531 .M37 1997.

The Haitians: Their History and Culture / Brief discussions of Haitian geography, history, education, language, health, family life, religion, and culture. Includes a basic bibliography. BBAY and UP REF HN212.C58 1994.

Historical Dictionary of Haiti / Provides definitions of major historical events, peoples, and themes relating to Haiti. Arranged alphabetically and ends with a basic bibliography. UP REF F1913.P47 1994.

Statistical Abstract of Latin America / Includes over 1,000 pages of statistics for Latin America. Provides data on land and environment, transportation and communications, population, health, and education, politics, military, and religion, labor and migration, legal and illegal industry, production, trade, finance, policy and prices, and development. Contains and index of statistical tables. BBAY and UP REF HA935.S8 2000.

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II. Government Documents

Background Notes, Haiti / Published by the U. S. State Department. Provides information and background on Haiti's social, political, and economic conditions. BBAY and UP GOV. DOCS S1.123: H12/ 1987,1997. Also available on-line at:

Current Economic Position and Prospects of Haiti / 2 vols. World Bank document. Volume 1 contains the main report on the nation's economic conditions after 1971. Includes bibliographical references. UP INT. DOCS. HC153.C87 1978.

Doing Business with Haiti / Published by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Covers U.S. trade and marketing in Haiti. BBAY and UP GOV. DOCS C61.12:85-11 1985.

Dominican Republic and Haiti: Country Studies. / Description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, political, and economic situation in Haiti. BBAY and UP GOV. DOCS D101.22:550-36 1999. Also available on-line at:

Enquête budget-consommation des ménages : EBCM 1999-2000 / 2 vols. Published by Division du recensement et des enquêtes nationales (Haitian national statistical agency). Includes up-to date data and statistics on population, cost and standard of living and economics. UP INT'L DOCS Not yet cataloged.

Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition. Series 5: International Affairs. Hugh H. Smythe Papers, West Indian (Haiti) Collection, Eugene Maximilien Haitian Collection, 1847-1933. / Published in cooperation with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division: The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations. Contains information on historical sources on Haiti in the Smythe Collection. UP DOCS Temp. Control Number AED 0589 1996.

Haiti: Mission d'assistance technique integree / 3 vols. Published by the OAS. Contains information on Haiti's finances, economic conditions, poltics, and U.S. assistance to the island. UP INT. DOCS. HC157.H2O73 1972.

Haitian Democracy and Refugees, Problems and Prospects: A Staff Report / U.S. congressional report on hearings regarding political persecution and economic conditions in Haiti after 1986 and U. S. sanctions. BBAY GOV. DOCS Y4.F76/1:H212/10 1992; UP GOV. DOCS Microfiche Y4.F76/1:H12/10 1992.

Haitian Emigration / U.S. Congressional Report on Haitian political refugees arriving in the U.S. and their legal status. UP GOV. DOCS Microfiche CIS 76H522-8 1976.

Haitian Migration to the U.S / Published by the U.S. State Department. Contains statements made before the Subcommittee on Immigration of the House Judiciary Committee on June 17, 1980 concerning Haitian emigration to the U.S. and its causes. BBAY and UP GOV. DOCS S1.71/4:191 1980.

Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act / Covers Haitian immigration and emigration and U. S. legislation on the subject after 1997. BBAY GOV. DOCS Y4.J 1998 89/2:S.HRG.105-485; UP GOV. DOCS Microfiche Y4.J89/2:S.HRG.105-485 1998.

Human Rights in Haiti / Studies U. S.-Haiti relation and the human rights situation on the island nation between 1971 and 1986. BBAY GOV. DOCS Y4.F76/1:H88/36 1985; UP GOV. DOCS Y4.f76/1:H88/36 1985.

Immigration benefits tenth report required by the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 1998 / Report indicating the number and categories of applicants and the number of approved applicants for adjusting status to that of legal permanent resident. Full-text, on-line at

International Population Census Publications. Haiti / Contains Haiti's national censues and population data. UP DOCS HA883.I5 1950, 1971, 1982.

Latin America, Haiti: Selected Statistical Data by Sex / Demographic data on Haiti's population by gender. BBAY GOV. DOCS Microforms S18.56:H12 1981; UP GOV. DOCS S18.56:H12 1981.

Managing Arms in Peace Process: Haiti / Treats UN conflict management and disarmament in Haiti after 1986. Includes bibliographic references. UP UN DOCS. F1928.M46 1996.

Operation Uphold Democracy / U.S. House of Representatives briefing document on "Operation Uphold Democracy." UP GOV. DOCS CD Cabinet D110.13:H62/CD 1999.

Refugees and forced displacement : international security, human vulnerability, and the state / Essays discussing the rights of refugees, especially in light of heightened international security and proposes state responsibility for human, as well as national, security. Cases studies examine Haiti and Bosnia-Herzegovina. UP UN DOCS. JV6346.R4 R45 2003.

Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Haiti / Published by Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Periodical covers Haitian government and politics and human rights situation after 1986. UP OAS DOCS. JC599.H2R47 1979, 1988, 1990, 1993-1995.

Towards the Abyss?: The Political Economy of Emergency in Haiti / UN publication deals with Haiti's economic condition after 1971 and political situation from 1986 to 1996. UP UN DOCS HC153.L873 1997.

U.S. Policy Toward Haiti / Covers U.S.-Haiti relations after in the 20th century, especially the refugee crisis on the late 1980s and 1990s. BBAY GOV. DOCS Y4.IN8/16:H12/8 2000; UP GOV. DOCS Microfiche Y4.IN8/16:H12/8 2000.

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IV. Serials

Haiti / Published by the U. S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. Periodical covers Haiti's economic conditions and foreign commerce, especially with the U. S. BBAY and UP GOV. DOCS C61.11:H12/ 1989

Haiti en Marche / Weekly, French-language publication on Haitian current events, government, politics, economics, and society. BBAY PER Newspaper Collection (Current 3 Months only). Also available on-line at

Haiti Info / Daily, multi-lingual publication on Haitian news items compiled from major newspapers in the U. S., Latin America, and Europe.

Haiti Online / Based in Miami, FL., HOL claims to be the "prime source of news and information" on Haiti. Information is current and updated daily. All items are in French with an option for translation to English.

Le Moniteur: Journal Officiel de la Republique d'Haiti / Serial features articles and information oh Haitian government, politics, and law. UP DOCS J3.A6H3 1908-63.

Index to Le Nouvelliste / An index to the Haitian newspaper. FIU does not own Le Nouvelliste, it will have to be InterLibrary Loaned. Index available on computers in LACIC, GL225.

Societe haitienne d'historique, de geographie et de geologie / Academic journal specializing in Haitian history, geology and geography, and culture. UP SPEC COLL. Temporary Control Number ADS9147

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IV. FIU Catalog

To find books and other materials (e.g., microforms, audiovisuals, etc.) related to Haiti:

Do a subject search by country and use the guide to find subheadings related to Haiti.

Try an advanced search with keywords. Use ? to truncate and adj to join terms. E.g., (haiti) and (dominican adj republic) and (immigration or migra?).

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V. Electronic Databases

Anthropological Literature
 via RLG/Eureka

Indexes 1000+ scholarly journals in anthropology and archaeology.


ATLA Religion Database
 via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Indexes 650+ scholarly journals in religious studies.


Caribbean Newspapers Imaging Project (CNIP)
 Available in LACIC, GL225

Indexes the Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste. Le Nouvelliste will need to be InterLibrary Loaned.


Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

Articles from publications in international affairs


 via EbscoHost

Indexes 400+ international publications in economics


The Economist Intelligence Unit. Country Commerce, Country Profile, Country Report, Country Commerce.

Database of country trade and commerce data. Organized by region and nation. Dates available for Haiti are February-August 1996 through February-August 2000. Includes updates in February.


Ethnic Newswatch
 via Softline

Articles from U.S. ethnic and minority presses.


HLAS (Handbook of Latin American Studies)
  via Library of Congress
  via RLG/Eureka

Indexes 400+ scholarly journals on US-Hispanic and Latin American topics.


HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)

Indexes publications on all aspects of Latin American studies.


Historical Abstracts
via ABC-Clio

Indexes 2000+ scholarly journals in history from 1450 to the present. (Excludes the United States and Canada.)



Indexes 1500 international scholarly journals, popular magazines and newspapers for articles on Latin America


Latin America Data Base (LADB)

Indexes publications on Latin America.


PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service)
 via First Search

Indexes 2000+ international scholarly journals, government and other publications on current events in the political and social sciences.


Social Science Abstracts
 via First Search

Indexes 250+ publications in sociology and related disciplines.


Sociological Abstracts
 via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Indexes 2600+ publications in sociology and related disciplines


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VI. Internet Resources

Background Notes. Haiti. / Published by the U. S. State Department. Provides information and background on Haiti's social, political, and economic conditions

Dominican Republic and Haiti: Country Studies / Presents descriptions and analyses of the historical setting and the social, political, and economic situations in Haiti

FIU Latin American and Caribbean Center / Website for Florida International University's Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC). Includes information on affiliated faculty, degree programs and certificates in Latin American studies, and lectures and other programs of interest to Latin Americanists.

Political Database of the Americas / Joint product between Georgetown University, OAS, and the Canadian Foundation for the Americas. Includes documentary and statistical political information on Latin America and the Caribbean, including constitutions, electoral laws, legislative and executive branch information, political parties, interest groups, and election data. Also provides maps, national flags, and anthems.

LANIC-Latin American Network Information Center / The most comprehensive and authoritative compilation of Latin American Internet links available. Logically organized, this is a must stop for anyone doing Latin American web research.

Haiti Online / Based in Miami, FL, HOL claims to be the "prime source of news and information" on Haiti. Information is current and updated daily. All items are in French with an option for translation to English.

Teledyol Cybernétique / French-language source on Haiti providing links to other useful sites.

Haiti-l / Haiti discussion group. CONICIT also provides access to various other discussion groups focused on the Caribbean area. To subscribe send message to:

Haitian-Advocacy / Haiti-focused interest group to help Haitians and friends of Haiti understand the reality of today's Haiti. To subscribe: Send an email message to requesting a subscription to Haitian Advocacy.

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