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Colombia: Guide to Resources


For research papers, reports, or reviews requiring critical examination of people, historical events, or themes on Colombia, consult the following:

  1. Reference Materials
  2. Government Documents
  3. Microforms
  4. FIU Library Catalog
  5. Serials
  6. Electronic Databases
  7. Internet Resources

I. Reference Materials (all shelved on the 2nd floor, in the Reference Department). Use these sources for a general overview of people and/or events in Colombia.

Anuario bibliográfico colombiano / Thorough list of works published in Colombia annually. Bibliographic references for subjects within the humanities, social and applied sciences. Unannotated. UP REF Z1731 .A58 1951-1981

Bibliografía anotada y directorio de antropólogos colombianos / 2 Vols. Alphabetized, fully annotated listing of Colombian bibliographical sources. Cross reference in back divided into anthropological sub disciplines, themes, human groups, geographic areas and time periods. UP REF Z1209.2.C6 B5

Bibliografía femenina de Colombia 1800-2002 / Provides bibliographic information on writings by Colombian women. Subjects covered include literature, religion, psychology, mathematics, engineering, education, history, etc. UP REF Z1743.5.W6 B535 2002

Bibliografía de publicaciones periódicas colombianas 1800-2000. / UP REF TEMPORARY CONTROL NUMBER: AEX9602

Colombia / 5 vols. A bibliography of annotated entries of works in English on Colombian history, geography, economy, politics, culture, religion, the arts, education, mass media, sports, and technology. Includes section devoted to La Violencia UP REF F2258 .D38 1990

Colombia handbook / UP REF F2259.5 .C6 1998

Gran enciclopedia de Colombia : temática / Vols. 1-11. Covers history, geography, literature, culture, art, institutions, economy and biography. Volume eleven is a chronological index. UP REF F2254 .G7 1991

Diccionario de artistas en Colombia / B.BAY N6678 .O78 1979

Diccionario de las culturas prehispánicas de Colombia / UP REF F2269 .L66 1998

Diccionario geográfico de Colombia / Vols. 1-2. Annotated, alphabetical listing of departments, cities and towns. Includes maps and black and white illustrations. UP REF F2254 .A55 1971

Diccionario de escritores colombianos / List of Colombian writers covering over 500 pages; with brief annotations. UP REF Z1740 .S26. 1978

Diccionario de la Historia de Colombia / Alphabetized, brief annotations of events, people, and political movements important in Colombian history from colonial times to 1985. UP REF F2254 .G58 1985b

Historical Dictionary of Colombia / Includes a chronology, annotated dictionary and bibliographical guide by time periods. UP REF F2254 .D38 1993

Indígenas y negros en Colombia : bibliografía monográfica / Provides bibliographic information about indigenous and Afro-Colombians in areas as diverse as history, archeology, geography, art, religion and economics. UP REF F2269 .H47 2003

(Table of contents)

II. Government Documents
(all shelved on the 2nd floor, in the Government Documents Department). General information on countries and international organizations (including the OAS and UN). Statistical facts and short overviews on history, economy, politics, travel and business information.

Background Notes, Colombia / Published by the U. S. State Department. Provides information and background on Colombia's social, political, and economic conditions. BBAY and UP GOV. DOCS S 1.123:C 71. 2000, 2001. Also available on-line at:

Colombia, a Country Study / 2 vols. Presents descriptions and analyses of the historical setting and the social, political, and national security and institutions of Colombia. Full text, on-line through the Library of Congress Back issues in UP and BBAY GOV DOCS D 101.22:550-26/990.

Drug control coca cultivation and eradication estimates in Colombia. / Ford, Jess T. Cites estimates for coca cultivation and eradication in Colombia, as part of the U.S. counter narcotics strategy. Also discussed are issues of trafficking, planning, and agency cooperation in the reduction of illicit drug cultivation. Full text, on-line.

International population census publications. Region: Latin America, Country: Colombia / Contains Colombia's national census and population data. 1825-1938,1951,1964,1973,1985. UP DOCS MICRO HA1015 .I5

La economía colombiana tras 25 años de narcotráfico / UP UN DOCS HV5840.C7 R63 2000

Narcotic drugs, money laundering : mutual cooperation agreement between the United States of America and Colombia, signed at San Antonio February 27, 1992 / Treaty signed. UP and BBAY GOV DOCS S 9.10:12450

Narcotic drugs : declaration of Cartagena between the United States of America and other governments, signed at Cartagena February 15, 1990 / Treaty signed during the Bush Administration at the drug summit in Cartagena, Colombia. Treaty proposed some multilateral measures to drug control. UP and BBAY GOV DOCS S 9.10:1241

Projections of the rural and urban populations of Colombia, 1965 to 2000 / UP GOV DOCS C 3.205/6:3

Second report on the situation of human rights in Colombia / Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. UP OAS DOCS JC599.C7 I573 1993

United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform. Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources "The crisis in Colombia : what are we facing?" / One Hundred Sixth Congress, second session, February 15, 2000. UP DOCS MICRO Y 4.G 74/7:C 71/2. Also available on-line:
Text version:
PDF version:
First hearing in response to the crisis in Colombia since the Clinton administration submitted the Plan Colombia aid package. Attended by various House members as well as the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, former ambassadors to Colombia and other representatives of government and corporate interests

United States. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations. Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. Regional conflict : Colombia's insurgency and prospects for a peaceful resolution : hearing before the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth Congress, second session, August 5, 1998 / UP and BBAY DOCS MICRO Y 4.IN 8/16:C 76/5

(Table of contents)

III. Microforms

Guide to Lain American Pamphlets from the Yale University Library: Selections 1600-1900. / 7 vols. Miscellaneous guide. UP REF F1408.Y182 1988

Latin American pamphlets from the Yale University Library: selections from 1600-1900 / Primary historical documents and pamphlets from Latin America from colonial to modern times. UP DOCS MICRO F1408 .Y18 1985

Guide to the Princeton University Latin American Microfilm Collection / 59 page guide catalogs the entire Princeton University Latin American Microfilm Collection. UP REF Z1610 .G85 1993

Princeton University Latin American pamphlet collection. Socioeconomic conditions in Colombia / 1 microfilm reel. Colombian legal, administrative, and educational materials, 1850-1912 UP DOCS MICRO HN303 .P75 1986

Princeton University Libraries Latin American microfilm collection. Supplement 1, Socioeconomic conditions in Colombia / 1 microfilm reel. More recent supplement to collection. UP DOCS MICRO HC197 .P75 1993

Princeton University Latin American pamphlet collection. Culture in Colombia / 1 microfilm reel. UP DOCS MICRO PQ8168 .P75 1989

Princeton University Latin American pamphlet collection. Agriculture in Colombia / 2 microfilm reels. Reel 1. Agrarian reform in Colombia, II, 1933-1946. Reel 2: Colombian agrarian reform, 1956-1967 ; Colombian agrarian sector, 1957-1985. UP DOCS MICRO HD1333.C7 P75 1988

Princeton University Latin American pamphlet collection. Church and religion in Colombia / 3 microfilm reels. Historical documents on the Catholic Church and religion in the 20th century. UP MICRO BX1470.2 .P75 1988

Princeton University Latin American pamphlet collection. Politics in Colombia / 1 microfilm reel. Pamphlets from the Virgilio Barco campaign 1985. UP DOCS MICRO F2279 .P745 1987

(Table of contents)

IV. FIU Catalog

To find books and other materials (e.g., microforms, audiovisuals, etc.) related to Colombia:

Do a subject search on Colombia and use the guide to find related subheadings.

Try an advanced search with keywords. Use ? to truncate and adj to join terms. E.g., (latin adj america? or colombia) and business.

(Table of contents)

VI. Serials and Newspapers - Use related Electronic Databases to find additional articles on your subject.

El Espectador / Daily newspaper from Bogotá. v.102-v.107 (1989-1993). UP MICRO AN63.C6 .E8. Also available on-line at:

EL Tiempo / Newspapers Collection AP2 .T5. (Sunday editions). Back issues 1978-1994. UP MICRO AN63.C6 T5. Also available on-line at:

Revista del Banco de la República / Monthly economic analysis for Colombia. UP GOV DOCS HG2906 .A35

Semana / Weekly magazine published in Colombia covering current political and socio-economic events. UP PER AP63 .S45

(Table of contents)

V. Electronic Databases - use these databases to find articles and other information on your subject. Please refer to the subject list for a complete list of databases that can help you.

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

Articles from publications in international affairs.


Economist Intelligence Unit

Analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment for foreign countries.


HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)

Indexes publications on all aspects of Latin American studies.


Historical Abstracts
via ABC-Clio

Indexes 2000+ scholarly journals in history from 1450 to the present. (Excludes the United States and Canada.)


HLAS (Handbook of Latin American Studies)
via Library of Congress

Indexes 400+ scholarly journals on US-Hispanic and Latin American topics.


Humanities Abstracts
via FirstSearch

Indexes 300+ scholarly journals and popular magazines in the humanities.



Indexes 1500 international scholarly journals, popular magazines and newspapers for articles on Latin America.


 via First Search

Indexes 2000+ international scholarly journals, government and other publications on current events in the political and social sciences.


SocSci Abstracts
via FirstSearch

Indexes 350+ international scholarly journals and popular magazines in the social sciences.


Sociological Abstracts
via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

Indexes 2600+ publications in sociology and related disciplines.


Statistical Universe

Indexes statistical data from U.S. government, international, professional, and other organizations.


(Table of contents)

V. Internet Resources

Background notes. Colombia. / Published by the U. S. State Department. Provides information and background on Colombia's social, political, and economic conditions.

Colombia, a Country Study / Presents descriptions and analyses of the historical setting as well as the institutional, social, political, and national security issues of Colombia.

Colombian Labor Monitor / Excellent current events resource. Daily and weekly updates from newspaper articles worldwide regarding Colombia. The Colombian Labor Monitor also monitors a mailing list, with electronic news updates sent to your email address. To subscribe send request to with "subscribe clm-news Your Name" in body of message.

Colombian Studies Institute at FIU / Research center devoted to investigating the non-military aspects of the implementation and consequences of the Colombian peace process and anti-narcotics programs, including the current Plan Colombia. Includes links to: "Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace in Colombia" Conference at The Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies of the University of Notre Dame; Working Paper No. 1, May 2001 "The Colombian Diaspora in South Florida" (Spanish and English version); The Colombian Lecture Series Explores Colombian Conflict, and the preface and introduction to the book "Colombia conflicto armado, perspectivas de paz y democracia".

El Colombiano / Daily newspaper from Medellin.

El Espectador / Daily newspaper from Bogotá. Back issues in print at FIU Libraries (v.102-v.107 (1989-1993). UP MICRO AN63.C6 .E8)

El Pais / Daily newspaper from Cali.

El Tiempo / Daily newspaper from Bogotá. Back issues in print at FIU LIbraries (1978-1994. UP MICRO AN63.C6 T5.)

FIU Latin American and Caribbean Center / Website for Florida International University's Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC). Includes information on affiliated institutions, faculty, degree programs and certificates in Latin American studies, and lectures and other programs of interest to Latin Americanists.

Human Rights Watch, Americas / Includes news releases, special reports and photo essays specific to current human rights conditions such as the internally displaced within Colombia.

LANIC-Latin American Network Information Center / The most comprehensive and authoritative compilation of Latin American Internet links available. Logically organized, this is a must stop for anyone doing Latin American web research

Political Database of the Americas / Joint product between Georgetown University, OAS, and the Canadian Foundation for the Americas. Includes documentary and statistical political information on Latin America and the Caribbean, including constitutions, electoral laws, legislative and executive branch information, political parties, interest groups, and election data. Also provides maps, national flags, and anthems

Washington Office on Latin America / Organization that promotes human right, democracy and social and economic justice in Latin America. Website Includes "Hot Topics" section devoted to drug policy and the Colombian conflict.

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