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Fundacion INCA Continues Major Donation of Andean Materials, February 2006

FIU Libraries continue to receive retrospective books on the Andean region through a generous donor, Fundación INCA (Instituto Nacional de Cultura Andina). In 2005, Fundación INCA pledged a donation of over 4000 titles on Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela (see previous announcement). To date, FIU Libraries have received approximately 2,500 titles. Recent shipments in early 2006 have included materials from Colombia and Venezuela.

Fundación INCA, a private organization in Cochabamba, Bolivia, houses one of the largest collections of Andean materials in the region. Both local and international scholars have access to these collections. Fundación INCA is dedicated to promoting intellectual development in the Andean region and beyond, through the use of its collections.

The Latin American and Caribbean Center at FIU has recently partnered with Fundación INCA to offer study abroad and research programs at the Foundation. For more information on these programs, please see the Andean Studies Program.

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