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Please agree to the following LACIC Exchange Conditions and Procedures before creating an account.
  • Exchange partners must be institutions, libraries or universities. No personal or individual partners.

  • LACIC intends to develop exchange relationships with institutions that have materials available that fit the profile of FIU Libraries' LAC collection. LACIC reserves the right to refuse partnerships with institutions that fall outside this profile.

  • Once an institution has created an account, LACIC will send, by email, all login information, including Institution Code and Password.

  • Exchange partners must have an active exchange program with print and/or electronic exchange lists immediately available.

  • Exchange partners must make exchange list(s) available to LACIC before submitting requests from the LACIC Exchange Database. If exchange partners submit requests before LACIC receives exchange lists, requests will be denied.

       Electronic lists can be emailed to:

       Print lists can be mailed to:
       Florida International University Libraries
       Latin American and Caribbean Information Center
       c/o Gayle Williams (Exchanges)
       GL 225, University Park
       Miami, FL 33199

  • To submit requests, login to LACIC Exchange Database, search database, select desired volumes, and confirm items in Exchange Cart.

  • Exchange will be 1 volume for 1 volume (i.e. 1 title/set with 2 volumes will be exchanged for 2 volumes).

  • Every effort will be made to send items within 10 business days of request. LACIC will pay postage and handling. Please allow time for delivery.

  • Exchange partners can request up to 30 items from the LACIC Exchange Database (in one shipment or in several shipments) before fulfilling LACIC requests for items.

  • Exchange partner must fulfill LACIC requests for items before submitting new requests. Please send all exchange materials to the above address. Exchange partners agree to pay postage and handling.

  • LACIC reserves the right to temporarily discontinue this exchange service due to extended vacations, lack of exchange materials, etc. LACIC will notify all partners by email of any interruption of service. When services return to normal, LACIC will again notify partners by email.

  • If contact information changes, please update account after logging in.

  • Although every effort has been made to ensure the integrity of the data in the LACIC Exchange Database, some errors may have occurred during data entry. Exchange partners agree to not hold LACIC responsible for these errors (i.e. publication date, condition of material, language, subject descriptor, etc.
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