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Venezuela election bans anti-Chavez opposition, July 14, 2008

Venezuela’s top election official, the Comptroller General, banned over 400 candidates from local elections from running, most of which are from the anti-Chavez opposition parties from running, citing that officials under corruption probes cannot seek office. As of yet, none of the blacklisted candidates have been formally charged with any crime. Opponents of the ban call it “unconstitutional and undemocratic,” and among them number the Social Christian Party, Chavez’s ex-wife and former first lady, and the Cardinal of Venezuela. A protest march, unhindered by the government, marched to the Caracas supreme court to protest what is considered to be an illegal act. Chavez’s popularity in Venezuela has been on the wane since his party lost the 2007 referendum, and it is believed the opposition will take the governorship of 10 out of the 23 states.

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