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Bolivian province sues for autonomy, June 23, 2008

Angered by the forces of centralization, poverty, and leftist President Evo Morales’s emphasis on indigenous communities, the mestizo communities in the natural-gas rich province of Tarija voted by a nearly 80% margin for autonomy from the central Bolivian government, the fourth province to do so, in addition to Santa Cruz. Beni, and Pando.  The province of Tarija’s grievance is in Evo Morales’s desire to use the gas revenue of the state, which holds 85% of the country’s national reserves, to support poor Indian farmers in the West of the country. This has raised the ire of the Mestizo population, who have a historic grudge against Indian farmers and the centralized government of Bolivia.

News Stories:

"El Sí logra 80% en Tarija y el bloque se hace más fuerte "
La Razón (Bolivia) June 23, 2008
"Bolivian state backs greater autonomy "
Associated Press June 23, 2008

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