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Argentinean Jewish organization appoints controversial Orthodox practitioner, June 13, 2008

After fifty years of Labor Party control, a coalition of Orthodox Jews takes power of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association, a 114-year old Jewish organization in Argentina. Of the five parties, none achieved a majority. The President of the AMIA, Guillermo Bolger is a known Orthodox Jew, however, despite inflammatory comments where he says of Conservative and Reform Jews, "It's a paradox that people call themselves Jews if they don't practice the religion," Borger denies that he would give any favor or preference to Orthodox Judaism. “AMIA is, and will be, the representative of all Jews, without exclusion and with a spirit of dialogue," he said on Thursday night. Argentina has the largest Jewish population in Latin America, with over 225,000. Since the special period ended in 2001, at least 40% live in conditions of poverty.

News Stories:

"Luego de la polémica, Borger asumió con la promesa de una "AMIA para todos" "
Clarín (Argentina) June 13, 2008
"Borger takes office as AMIA president "
Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina) June 13, 2008
"Argentine fuels Jewish identity debate "
Associated Press June 13, 2008

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