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Colombian Former General Arrested for Disappearances, May 28, 2008

Former General Ivan Ramirez was arrested for charges of “forced disappearance” for 11 people during a battle between the right wing military, and left-wing rebels that had seized the Palace of Justice in Colombia, a battle that caused judicial files to disappear. According to eyewitnesses, including several of Ivan Ramirez’s own military subordinates, the 11, who included a rebel prisoner and cafeteria workers, were tortured and killed. The seizure of the Palace of Justice in 1985 is considered one of the darkest chapters in Colombian history, with over 100 killed in the battle.


News Stories:

"Detenido el general (r) Iván Ramírez por el proceso del Palacio de Justicia "
El Tiempo (Colombia) May 28, 2008
"Army general arrested in Colombia "
Press TV (Iran) May 28, 2008
"Retired Colombian general arrested over 1985 fight "
Associated Press May 28, 2008

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