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LACIC Prize for Research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, February 2005

The Colombian Studies Institute, J. Noe Herrera of Libros de Colombia and LACIC are pleased to announce the LACIC Prize for Research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. This research prize recognizes excellence in research through significant investigation using the library, its collections and its resources. Two cash prizes are offered for outstanding projects on Latin American or Caribbean topics that demonstrate thorough research and use of library materials and an increased understanding of the research process itself.

Two Prizes: $200.00 each.


  • Applicants must be FIU Students (at any level) currently enrolled in the Spring 2005 semester.
  • Students must have completed their research project for a credit course at FIU during either the Fall 2004 or the Spring 2005 semester.
  • Projects must have a regional focus on Latin America and/or the Caribbean.
Requirements for submission are:
  • An application cover sheet. It must include the following information: name, student status, degree program and/or concentration, expected graduation date, mailing address, email address, phone number, course and instructor that this project was submitted for.
  • Completed research project. The research project should be approximately 10-20 pages for undergraduate students and 15-30 pages for graduate students.
  • An extensive bibliography. Use the citation format appropriate to the discipline.
  • A 2-3 page research essay (approximately 500-750 words). This will accompanying the research project and detail the research process utilizing the FIU Libraries and its resources.
Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:
  • Indication of extensive research using library collections and services. Collections and services can include primary resources, printed and electronic resources, resources in other media, interlibrary loan, etc.
  • The location, selection, evaluation and synthesis of library resources in an effective manner in the project.
  • Evidence of acquired research skills, as well as knowledge and use of available resources.
  • Personal growth in research as reflected in the research essay.
A panel of FIU Librarians and Faculty will judge entries. Projects will be judged with appropriate expectations for class rank and for discipline.

The deadline for submissions is: April 22th, 2005.*
Notification of winners: May 5, 2005.

*Application packages are due by 5:00pm, Friday, April 22nd, 2005. Please submit your complete application package to LACIC, GL 225 before this deadline.

Please contact Catherine Marsicek, LACIC Librarian, if you have questions. (305) 348-2228.

This contest is co-sponsored by the Colombian Studies Institute, J. Noe Herrera of Libros de Colombia and LACIC.

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