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Clase/Periódica: New Online Databases Now Available, January 2004

FIU Libraries have recently added access to new online databases, Clase/Periódica. The databases have their origins in the 1970s at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

Clase, (1975-present) specializes in the social sciences and the humanities and contains nearly 200,000 records, including citations to articles, essays, book reviews and other documents, published in more than 1,200 journals from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Periódica, (1978-present), specializing in science and technology, contains nearly 200,000 citations to articles, reviews, tecnical documents and case studies, from more than 1,400 journals from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Clase/Periódica is updated daily and more than 10,000 records are added on an annual basis.

Clase/Periódica can be accessed through the Library Home Page, under the A-Z Databases or the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Subject Page.

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