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Coleccíon de Poesía Colombiana, September 2003

A recent acquisition of Colombian poetry by the FIU Libraries firmly establishes the FIU collection as one of the foremost Colombian poetry collections in the country. The 535 new works of Colombian poetry are part of FIU's growing collection of Latin American, Caribbean and Circum-Caribbean materials, and now constitute an area of concentration within the collection.

For the next two months, the Latin American and Caribbean Information Cener (LACIC) will be featuring the collection with a display. Stop by LACIC, GL225, to see highlights of this new Colombian Poetry Collection.

FIU Libraries is a member of the Association of Research Libraries' Latin American Research Resources Project (LARRP), an initiative whose goal is to improve collective access to resources published in Latin America. FIU's responsibilities as a member include expanding the collection of books and materials produced in Latin America, with special attention paid to "non-core" materials. FIU's contribution focus is on acquiring works of the Circum-Caribbean region, with an emphasis on Colombia. The substantial poetry selection is an example of the important "non-core" materials that provide insight into Colombia's history, politics, society and people.

This collection of 535 poetry titles was acquired with the generous support of the Latin American and Caribbean Center and J. Noe Herrera of Libros de Colombia, (who graciously sold the collection for the token price of $535 or $1 per title!)

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