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LACIC Display: Ediciones Vigía, Handmade Books from Cuba, May - August 2003

You can now take a closer look at a unique set of holdings from Green Library's Special Collections -- handmade books from Cuba.

Using the most basic printing techniques, the publishing cooperative, Ediciones Vigía, mimeographs the work and cuts illustrations that are then hand colored. The books are made from basic materials including scrap paper, dried leaves, cloth, and yarn, and come in a variety of unusual formats. One such book is a box-like house complete with miniature props such as a tree, a moon and stars. Each handmade book is a visual delight that invites a tactile appreciation for the craftmanship of printmaking.

Ediciones Vigía was founded in April 1985. Its name comes from its location in the Plaza de la Vigía (Watchtower Square) in the city of Matanzas to the east of Havana, Cuba. Two hundred copies of each book are printed, numbered and generally signed by the author.

Green Library owns about fifty of these books, most made in the mid-1990s. The LACiC display will be up through the summer.

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