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Library Assessment of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, February 2003

As part of the Program Review of the Masters in Latin American and Caribbean Studies degree, Tony Schwartz (Associate Director for Collection Management) and Catherine Marsicek (Latin American & Caribbean Information Services Librarian), performed a thorough review of the Libraries' collections and services that support Latin American and Caribbean Studies. The Assesment of Library Collections: Latin American and Caribbean Studies provides a detailed analysis of the monograph, periodical, and electronic collections and the strategies in place for building these collections. The document also presents future goals and directions, including innovative collaborative resource sharing projects and digital collections.

On February 5, 2003, the Latin American and Caribbean Center's (LACC) Director, Dr. Eduardo Gamarra, presented the results of the LACC Academic Program Self-Study to the Executive Program Review Committee, which is composed of the President, Provost, Vice President for Research, Vice Provost for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, Graduate Dean, Undergraduate Dean, Dean of the College, Executive Vice Provost for Budget and Personnel, and the Faculty Senate Representative. In LACC's Self-study and Dr. Gamarra's presentation, the University Administration was called upon to dedicate greater financial resources to the Libraries, as the current collections to support LAC Studies do not match the importance of this interdisciplinary program at FIU. Unfortunately, given the current fiscal difficulties, the Libraries did not receive additional funding.

"The Program Review process is a systematic way to meet both the legislative and University requirements to assess the quality of [FIU's] academic degree programs while determining ways to improve the quality of education, research, and service. Program review enables degree programs to improve the alignment of their goals and plans with those of the college/school and the University. This process is designed to build a better understanding of the whole program among the University community and its leaders. " For more information on this process, please see

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