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Latin American and Caribbean Studies Student Conference, April 10-11, 2003

LACiC is a proud co-sponsor of this first annual conference of Florida students devoted to studying interdisciplinary issues in Latin American and Caribbean.

April 10, 2003, 9:00am - 3:00pm, University of Miami
April 11, 2003, 8:00am - 6:30pm, FIU, UP, Graham Center 280

Conference Program

Paper Competition: There will be a conference paper competition with cash awards for the best papers. There will be a competition for students writing on Colombian-specific issues, as well as a second competition for students writing on other Latin American and Caribbean issues. Students are encouraged to submit papers on Colombian topics and explore the greatly expanded holdings of Colombian books and research materials in the FIU Libraries. Best papers on Colombia and Latin America and the Caribbean will receive cash awards. All papers submitted will be presented at the student conference at the FIU University Park campus on April 11, 2003. Best paper awards will be announced at the end of the conference.


Congratulations to the following winners of the Colombian Paper Competition!

  • Patricia Micolta, FIU. "The Dynamics of Executive-Legislative Relations in Colombia Examined in the Context of Electoral Reform." First prize.
  • Lina del Castillo, UM. "Soledad Acosta and the Construction of Colombian Female Identity." Runner-up.
  • Debra O'Neil, FIU. "Gender Differences in Media Coverage: The 2002 Colombian Election." Runner-up.
  • Edmé Pernía, FIU. "Women's Political Participation in Latin America: Colombian Women as Individual Actors." Runner-up.

In addition to Florida International Unversity's Latin American and Caribbean Center and the University of Miami's Center for Latin American Studies, LACiC joins F.I.U.'s Colombian Studies Institute and J. Noe Herrera of Libros de Colombia in sponsorship of the conference.

With special thanks to: J. Noe Herrera, Libros de Colombia

Book collector and book seller J. Noe Herrera of Bogotá, Colombia, is graciously sponsoring the conference’s Colombian Paper Competition.

A lawyer, economist and journalist by training, Mr. Herrera began developing comprehensive collections of Colombian law, literature and economics to support his work. Soon realizing that his interests were more in the dissemination of Colombian literature and scholarly work, Mr. Herrera has since become a very important source for academic libraries with Colombian studies interests.

Libros de Colombia not only sells books, but develops significant cooperative relationships with institutions to develop specialized Colombian collections. At FIU, for example, Mr. Herrera is responsible for the development of the retrospective and current collection of books at the FIU Libraries, a large donation of Colombian law titles to the FIU Law library and a gift of over 180 Colombian maps. One of his most significant initiatives, however, is this very generous financial sponsorship of the Colombian Paper Competition, now in its second year.

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