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American Resources Exhibition, February 7 - March 21, 2003

In celebrating the art of African Americans and Women, American Resources, brings to the F.I.U. community paintings, sculpture, photographs, and mixed-media works that encompass the essence of “art as identity.”

Many of the artists showcased in the exhibition have their roots in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the fair majority of them claiming a heritage of the African Diaspora. Each work engages the viewer to confront the realities and complexities of themes and images rendered impotent without an awareness of the artist’s own cultural heritage.

Through March 21st, LACiC's display in GL 225 focuses on several of the artists in the American Resources Exhibition. The exhibition can be viewed throughout the second floor of the Green Library.

Above painting: Edouard Duval Carriè, Migrations of Crossing, 2000. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery

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