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Films from Latin America and the Caribbean, February 2005

Among the newest acquisitions to the FIU Libraries are a number of films, primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean. These were purchased from Facets Video, a major distributor of foreign, independent and hard-to-find films. Also included in this order are a few films by Latino/a and Caribbean filmmakers in the United States, as well as those on Latin American or Caribbean topics by filmmakers from Europe and the U.S. Among the notable directors in the selection of films are Luis Bunuel, Hector Olivera, Robert Rodriguez, Nigel Noble, and Estela Bravo. Check the library catalog for the following titles.

New Films Available:

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) Alfonso Cuaron (Mexico)
Chac: The Rain God (1974) Rolando Klein (Mexico)
The Devil's Backbone (2001) Guillermo del Toro (Mexico/Spain)
Fando & Lis (1968) Alejandro Jodorowsky (Mexico)
The Green Wall (1970) Armando Robles Goody (Peru)
Last Images of the Shipwreck (1985) Eliseo Subiela (Argentina/Portugal/Spain)
The Art of Haiti: the primitive painters (1982) Mark Mamalakis (Haiti/USA)
Our Lady of the Assassins (2000) Barbet Schroeder (Colombia/France)
Possible Loves (2000) Sandra Werneck (Brazil)
Return to Sender (1994) Carlos Carrera (Mexico)
A Shadow You Will Soon Be (1994) Hector Olivera (Argentina)
El (This Strange Passion) (1952) Luis Bunuel (Mexico)
The City (La Ciudad) (1998) David Riker (USA)
El Mariachi (1992) Robert Rodriguez (USA)
Diego Rivera: The Age of Steel Museum of Modern Art
The Charcoal People Nigel Nobel (Brazil)
Ernesto Che Guevara: The Bolivian Diary (1997) Richard Dindo (Switzerland)
Fidel: The Untold Story (2002) Estela Bravo (USA/Cuba)
Chronicle of a Boy Alone (1964) Leonardo Favio (Argentina)
Tito Puente: Live in Montreal (1983) (USA)
The Lover of Silent Films (1993) Pablo Torre (Argentina)
Nobody's Wife (1982) Maria Luisa Bemberg (Argentina)
Viva Castro! (1993) Boris Frumin (Russia)

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