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Retrospective Books on Haiti, February 2005

FIU Libraries has recently acquired a number of retrospective books, in English, on Haiti. These include novels, as well as non-fiction books on art, religion, politics and history. One, Lessons in Haitian Creole with Some Information Regarding the Republic of Haiti, is a rare pamphlet arranged and compiled by the Service Medical, Gendarmerie D'Haiti in 1921 for the benefit of foreigners. Check the FIU Library Catalog for all books on Haiti.

New, retrospective titles include:

Beyond All This: Thirty Years with the Mountain Peasants of Haiti Mildred Anderson (1979)
A Rendezvous in Haiti Stephen Becker (1987)
Possession Erika Bourguignon (1991)
Drums of Destiny Peter Bourne (1947)
Victory Over Voodoo: testimonies of Haitian Nazarenes Linda Crow (1975)
Lavi Ti Moun - Life of a Child: A Story of Child Sponsorship in Haiti George DeTellis Jr. (1998)
Papa Doc: The Truth About Haiti Today Bernard Diederich, Al Burt (1969)
A Roving Commission or Through the Black Insurrection of Hayti G. A. Henty (1900)
Peinture Haitienne: exposition du 19 février 1983 du 29 avril 1983, Musée International d'art Anatole Jakovsky (1983)
The Legacy of Africa in the New World Marilyn Houlberg (1991)
Lessons in Haitian Creole with Some Information Regarding the Republic of Haiti Service Medical, Gendarmerie D'Haiti (1921)
Black Triumvirate: a novel of Haiti Benjamin Levin (1972)
Black Fire: A Story of Henri Christophe Covelle Newcomb (1957, c1940)
Haiti: the politics of squalor Robert Rotberg (1971)
Dancing on Fire: Photographs from Haiti Maggie Steber (1991)
The other Toussaint : a modern biography of Pierre Toussaint, a post-revolutionary Black Ellen Tarry (1981)
The Warm People : a novel Anthony Thorne (1953)

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