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New Videos on Latin America and the Caribbean, September 2004

FIU Libraries have recently acquired a number of new videos and DVDs on Latin America and the Caribbean. Among these are many on Cuba, including a ten-video recording of the Bay of Pigs Conference (2001). Also included are videos dealing with Haiti and Mexico, and videos of Octavio Paz, Manuel Puig, and Juan Rulfo.

Find these and more in Sound and Image Resources (5th floor) of the Green Library:

Al filo del machete (Cuba)
Amor Vertical (Cuba)
Buying the spirit : Voodoo in Haiti (Haiti)
Children of Shadows (Haiti)
Conga lessons at the Bay of Pigs : a personal journey (Cuba / U.S.)
Cuba, the 40 years war (Cuba / U.S.)
Djakout : live in Paris (Haiti / France)
Drommere / Dreamers : Painters of Haiti (Haiti)
Entre Ciclones (Cuba)
Giron, 40 Anos Despues : international conference convened in Havana, March 22-24, 2001 (Cuba)
Juan Rulfo (Mexico / Argentina)
Lista de Espera (Cuba)
Manuel Puig (Argentina)
Octavio Paz (Mexico / Argentina)
Of men and gods / Des hommes et des dieux (Haiti)
Presidio, the trip back (Cuba / U.S.)
Saving Elian (U.S.)
Serie Lucumi: Conociendo los Cultos Afrocubanos (Cuba)
Tiga : Haiti, reve, creation, possession, folie (Haiti)
Tlatelolco : las claves de la masacre (Mexico)
Los últimos zapatistas, héroes olvidados / The last Zapatistas, forgotten heroes (Mexico)
Wind of desire (U.S. / Haiti)
Zapatistas : crónica de una rebelión (Mexico)

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