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Gift of 600+ Titles on the Caribbean Region from Dr. Raymond T. Smith, Winter 2004

Dr. Raymond T. Smith, noted anthropologist, Caribbean scholar, and professor at the University of Chicago, donated a remarkable selection of books and journals on the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean regions to FIU Libraries. The collection of over 600 illustrates some of Dr. Smith’s additional and varied interests - history, linguistics, sociology, religion, art, politics and economics. A selection of these books is currently on display in LACIC.

This gift is especially important in enhancing the Libraries' collection on the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean regions. Particularly valuable is the significant amount of material on Guyana. FIU Libraries are tremendously grateful for this generous gift. 

Dr. Smith received his Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Cambridge in 1954. He taught at University of the West Indies in Jamaica, University of Ghana, McGill University in Montreal and University of California, Berkeley, before teaching at University of Chicago until his retirement in 1995. Dr. Smith has conducted anthropological research focusing on kinship and family, in Jamaica and West Africa, but the majority of his work was done in Guyana (formerly British Guiana). Additionally, he has both researched and been personally interested in race, class and politics.

Some titles from Dr. Smith's donation:

Communities and development in Guyana Lear K. Matthews
Study of yards in the city of Kingston Erna Brodber
Violent crimes and ethnic diversity in Guyana Michael Parris
Afro-American arts of the Suriname Rain Forest Sally Price
The folk culture of the slaves in Jamaica Kamau Brathwaite
Roots and rhythms : Jamaica's national dance theatre Rex M. Nettleford
Sweetness and power : the place of sugar in modern history Sindey W. Mintz
The plural society in the British West Indies M.G. Smith
Myth, ideology and crisis in plantation society: the Guyanese example Percy Hintzen
Working miracles: women's lives in the English-speaking Caribbean Olive Senior
Some of Dr. Smith's works:

The Negro family in British Guiana: family structure and social status in the villages Raymond T. Smith
Unity and conflict: a British Guiana case study Raymond T. Smith
Kinship and class in the West Indies: a geneological study of Jamaica and Guyana Raymond T. Smith

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