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INEHRM Gift, March 2000

FIU Libraries received a gift of books from the Instituto Nacional de Estudios Históricos de la Revolución Mexicana (INEHRM) in March, 2000. The INEHRM, created in 1953, is an organization affiliated with Mexico's Ministry of the Interior. Its main role is to promote and sponsor the study and critical analysis of the Mexican Revolution. Over the past several decades, INEHRM has published numerous works of historical research on the Mexican Revolution. FIU Libraries is deeply grateful to Jaime Bailón Corres, the director of the Institute, for this very generous gift.

The gift includes sixty titles dedicated to the Revolution, including many biographies and regional analyses. The Reference Department is also the proud recipient of an 8 volume historical dictionary of the Mexican Revolution.

Among the titles received are:

  • Campeche: revolución y movimiento social. Abud Flores, José Alberto.
  • Caudillo agrarista: Saturino Cedillo y la Revolución Mexicana en San Luis Potosí Alcubierre, Dudley.
  • Francisco Villa y la Revolución Cervantes, Federico.
  • Diccionario histórico y biográfico de la Revolución Mexicana, 8 volumes
  • Maderismo en Chiapas: matices regionales del acontecer revolucionario Guillén, Diana.
  • Obras completas Juarez, Benito.
  • Tradición y progreso: la reforma agraria en Acámbaro, Guanajuato, 1915-1941 Meyer Cosio, Francisco Javier.
  • Política económica del Porfiriato Paz Sánchez, Fernando.
  • Fuentes para el estudio de la Revolución en Tabasco Ruiz Abreu, Carlos.
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