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Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files on Cuba, Summer 2001

The Government Documents Department of the library has recently added to its microfilm collection Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files on Cuba. Already holding the Internal and Foreign Affairs documents covering Cuba from 1945-1959, newly declassified material from 1960-1963 will help researchers trace the mounting tension between the U.S. and Cuba which led to a program of propaganda, economic pressure and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Some of the sample documents available are:

International Affairs:

  • The Communist Totalitarian Government of Cuba. 8/1/60

  • Cuban military mobilization. 10/9/60

  • Internal political situation rise of anti-Castroism. 3/31/61

  • Cuban sugar quota and the sugar prices. 4/13/61

  • Cuban defense activities and Soviet military equipment. 6/61

  • Cuban economy and the application of U.S. economic sanctions. 6/16/61

  • Pleas of sovereign immunity and U.S. seizure of Cuban government assets. 8/61

  • Power struggle between Castro and hard-core Cuban Communists. 6/5/62

  • The Continental Congress for Solidarity with Cuba. 1/63

  • Effects of loss of Cuban sugar on Free World sugar market. 1/19/63

Foreign Affairs:

  • Cuba and "positive neutralism" 1/14/60

  • Provocative actions by the government of Cuba against the United States which have served to increase tensions in the Caribbean area. 6/27/60

  • Responsibility of Cuban government for increased internatinal tensions in the hemisphere. 8/18/60

  • Cuban propaganda regarding Puerto Rico. 8/30/60

  • International Law Problems of Blockade. 9/10/62

  • United States actions to counter Cuban subversive activities. 10/2/62

  • Commentary on Khrushchev's letter to President Kennedy of October 23. 10/23/62

  • Statement from Soviet government of October 23 on Cuba and President Kennedy's blockade speech. 10/23/62

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