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Immigration: The Special Studies Series, 1985-1988,1989-1998, Summer 2001

FIU Libraries has recently added to its microforms collection Immigration: The Special Studies Series, 1985-1988,1989-1998. These microfilm reels contain many important studies collected from various sources that include a wealth of data regarding the dramatic changes in the patterns of immigration in the U.S. and throughout the world. The following titles are examples from the newest supplement, 1989-1998:

  • Opening and closing the doors: evaluating immigration reform and control. 1989
  • Mexican immigration, U.S. investment, and U.S.-Mexican relations. 1990
  • Impact of the Immigration Reform and Control Act on the INS. 1991
  • Financial Management: INS lacks accountability and controls over its resources. 1/91
  • Trends in regional patterns of migration, immigration, and economic activity: implications for army recruiting. 3/91
  • Regional economic consequences of United States immigration policy.
  • Statistical yearbooks of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. 12/91
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act: reform on the legalized alien population. 3/92
  • Drug and immigration issues in the Mexico-U.S. relationship. 6/94
  • Immigration and economic integration case studies: United States, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. 12/94
  • Characteristics and labor market behavior of the legalized population five years following legalization. 5/96
  • Immigration in a changing new economy: California's experience. 1997
  • Immigration challenge: The use of U.S. military force to control illegal immigration from Mexico: 3/97
  • U.S. refugee policy: taking leadership. 6/97
  • Becoming an American: immigration and Immigrant Policy.1997 Report to Congress. 9/97
  • Illegal aliens: extent of welfare benefits received on behalf of U.S. citizen children 11/97
  • Immigration debate: studies on the economic, demographic, and fiscal effects of immigration. 1998
  • Proposed refugee admissions for fiscal year 1999: Report to Congress. 6/98

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