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Papers from the John F. Kennedy assassination records collection, Summer 2001

Part 1: Kennedy Administration Policy toward Cuba

FIU Libraries has recently acquired microfilm reels of the JFK Assassination Records Review Board, an entity established in 1992 charged with presenting a thorough record of all possible leads in the assassination of President Kennedy. These records contain sensitive government documents that give insight into U.S. policy and the inner workings of American national security agencies at the height of the cold war. The first part of this microfilm series covers Kennedy Administration Policy toward Cuba and includes:

  • National Security Council Records
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Records on Cuba
  • National Security Files
  • President's Office Files
  • Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Papers of Joseph Califano, Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
  • Central Intelligence Agency Records on Cuba
  • Miscellaneous Cuba-Related Documents from the Files of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara

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