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Archivo Biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica, Summer 2001

Coming soon to FIU libraries microfilm collection are three sets of the Archivo Biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica.

The original archive set reproduces biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias of earlier centuries on South and Central America, Spain and Portugal. 595 volumes of 304 original biographical reference works published between 1601 and 1924 have been used to compile this archive. It contains 200,000 entries on 123,500 individuals - monarchs, military and religious figures, statesmen, explorers, etc.. The material collected on a total of 21 Latin American countries is the first biographical cumulation for this part of the world.

The Nueva Serie, or Series II, contains 204,000 biographies on 151,700 personalities from reference works from 1724 up to the 1960's. 333 biographical reference works from a total of 960 volumes have been used to provide historical documentation on this period for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

The third set is a completion of the history of Spain, Portugal and Latin America up to the present day. The Archive 1960-1995 contains 180,000 entries on 110,000 personalities from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world. 227 biographical reference works in 411 volumes published since 1961 were collated for this set.

A 10 volume, cumulative edition of the index offers quick access to the biographical and bibliographical information of the Archives sets.

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