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Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record, Summer 2001

FIU libraries will soon have as part of its growing collection of Latin American and Caribbean Studies microfilms, Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record. The first two of the ongoing comprehensive series made available are The Yale University Collection of Latin American Manuscripts, Part 1 and Cuban History and Literature, Part 1: Serials and Printed Materials from Harvard University.

Series I, The Yale University Collection of Latin American Manuscripts, contains in Part 1 a rich and varied assortment of original and copied manuscripts that relate primarily to the civil and religious history of Mexico, Peru and other areas of Latin America from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. Examples of the manuscripts included are: a volume of original letters dating from 1649 from the diocese of Los Angeles, then the outpost of New Spain, detailing the first Spanish settlements there; records of tributes paid by Indians which evidence the early colonial economy of the Americas; a variety of government documents demonstrating how the first Spanish viceroyalties were administered; original, signed letters from the liberators of Latin America: Simon Bolivar, Bernardo O'Higgins and Jose de San Martin . The Yale Collection is a rich and comprehensive collection of copied manuscripts and other primary documents vital for archival research.

Series II, Cuban History and Literature, Part 1: Serials and Printed Materials from Harvard University, offer periodicals, books and pamphlet publications which provide a unique look at Cuban culture from the early 19th century through the 1920's and 1930's. These materials provide a glimpse into the tastes and preocupations of the Creole classes, the roles and expectations of women and gender relations, as well as perspectives on Cuba's racial and ethnic issues. Some of the printed materials in the Harvard collection include:

  • Actualidades, Revista popular ilustrada
  • El Album; revista de ciencias y letras (1904)
  • Album de las damas; Periódico literario, de espectáculos y variedades dedicado al bello sexo matancero (1894-95)
  • El Argos; Periódico politico, científico, y literario (1820-21)
  • Correo habanero, periódico literario, científico, critico, satírico-burlesco y de modas (1863)
  • Cuba intellectual (1909-26)
  • Cuba literaria; Revista semanal ilustrada (1904-05)
  • Diaro de Matanzas (1829-31)
  • Don circunstancias; semanario de todas las cosas y otras muchas más. Año (1880-81)
  • La Familia, periódico literario dedicado al bello sexo (1885)
  • Fígaro
  • Habana. Católica, semanario religioso y de intereses morales
  • Ilustración cubana (1885-88)
  • Letras, Revista quincenal literaria (1906-14)
  • Murmurios del cauto, eriódico literario dedicado a la juventud cubana
  • Museo, Semanario ilustrado de literatura, arte, ciencias y conocimientos generales (1882-84)
  • El Ramillete, Revista semanal (1879-81)
  • Revista teatral cubana (1923)
  • Revista económica; Repertorio mensual de estudios económicos, financieros, y de ciencias jurídico-sociales en general (1919)
  • La Serenata, Periódico satírico, económico y literario (1866-67)
  • Verdades; gritos de El Pueblo (1889)

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