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Colonial Latin American Manuscripts, Summer 2001

This collection, which will soon be added to the FIU libraries microfilm collection, is a unique source of rare, original materials. It contains 102 sets of 149 bound volumes from 1492-1843 pertaining to the discovery and conquest of Latin America. From the holdings of the New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations, the Obadiah Rich Collection is a body of work consisting mostly of the compiled research of Juan Bautista Muñoz who was commissioned by the King of Spain in the 1700's to give a history of the Indies, authenticated with original documents. Muñoz traveled, visited, investigated and copied the documents and papers written by both Spaniards and Americans. It includes many original papers that describe events and conditions of the Spanish discovery, conquest and administration of the Americas from colonial times to the 19th Century, including Christopher Columbus' original diary from the voyage during which he first saw the New World. A printed guide accompanies the collection.

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