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Mexican Films and Cinema Studies Materials, January 2002

New videos and books of interest to those interested in Latin American cinema have been added to the Green Library collection. Recent films from Mexico, including Amores Perros and Sundance Film Festival winner, ¿Quién diablos es Juliette? will soon be ready for library patrons. Also to be added are several titles on Mexican Cinema, from a reference dictionary on directors to Mexican cinematic history and works on Buñuel.

New films:

  • ¿Quién diablos es Juliette?

  • Amores Perros

  • El Coronel NoTiene Quien le Escriba

  • Piedras verdes

  • Las Manos Fuertes

  • Santitos

New Latin American Cinema Studies Books:

  • Breve Historia del Cine Mexicano: primer siglo (1897-1997) / Emilio García Riera

  • Buñuel: una Mirada del siglo XX / José Antonio Valdés Peña.

  • Horizontes del segundo siglo: Investigación y pedagogía del cine mexicano, latinoamericano y chicano / Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Patricia Torres, Ángel Miquel, eds.

  • Diccionario de directores del Cine Mexicano / Perla Ciuk

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