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Bulletin de la Société d'Histoire de la Guadeloupe, January 2002

With the generous support of LACC and Title VI funding, the FIU Libraries recently acquired 36 volumes (1964-1978) + index (1963-1995) of the Bulletin de la Société d'Histoire de la Guadeloupe -- an important resource not only for the history of Guadeloupe but for the greater Caribbean as well. The Bulletin includes articles by such well-known French Caribbeanists as Lucien-René Abénon, Jacques Adélaïde-Merlande, Henri Bangou, Gérard Lafleur, Alain Yacou, among others, and focuses on the prevailing issues of the 19th and early 20th centuries -- slavery and its abolition, the ups-and-downs of the sugar trade, immigration, etc. Perhaps most compelling of all are the accounts of 19th-century slave uprisings on Guadeloupe, the biographical data supplied for local heroes such as the legendary Joseph Ignace, and their impact on regional society and lore.

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